Witwatersrand Lodge is, essentially, a fraternal body of like-minded men who are serious about Freemasonry.  Unlike a number of lodges, Witwatersrand Lodge is not associated with any one particular profession, interest group or association of individuals.

The members of Witwatersrand Lodge come from diverse business and professional backgrounds which include Accounting, Aviation, Banking, Finance, Information Technology, Engineering, Architecture, Teaching, Project Management, Retail and Distribution, Restauranteurs and Systems Information and Networking; amongst other.

Their occupations range from owners and directors to managers and senior employees of the various enterprises. The one common denominator though is that each is entrepreneurial, knowledgeable and experienced in his particular field and that they have all achieved success in their respective businesses.

The Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu religions are represented at Witwatersrand lodge, highlighting the multi-cultural and multi-denominational aspect of Freemasonry.

Member's extramural interests are equally diverse and include hunting, shooting, fishing, hiking, birding, 4X4ing and a range of other related out-door activities. A number of members are whiskey and wine connoisseurs.

Accordingly, most social activities arranged by Witwatersrand Lodge are orientated towards these interests although active participation in any of these interests is not a pre-requisite of the Lodge.

Members are as serious about their social interaction as they are about business and Freemasonry, and this naturally extends to regular and frequent visits to other lodges - where members often and actively participate in Masonic ritual and workings.

These visits include annual trips to Barberton, Pilgrims Rest and Vereeniging Lodges, as well as frequent visits to other local lodges and including lodges of sister denominations.

Witwatersrand Lodge is particularly proud of its very active involvement in this particular aspect of Freemasonry and is rewarded by equally good reciprocal visits to our lodge, including a number of courtesy visits, which leads to exceptional attendance at most of our meetings.

While the lodge as a whole is totally dedicated towards charitable work in general, a number of members devote additional time and effort to specific charities for children and the aged.

At present Witwatersrand is fairly well subscribed and is an extremely busy working lodge. Although the lodge only meets regularly eight times a year, during the 2016 calendar year we conducted our annual installation, initiated 3 masons into the first degree, passed 3 into the second degree and raised 2 to the third degree. This was achieved by holding one additional emergency meeting. The emergency meeting included the full first degree working done by the Worshipful Master, including all floor workings.

Witwatersrand Lodge particularly prides itself in the quality of its Masonic ritual and workings, with junior members being encouraged to actively participate in the proceedings shortly after their initiation. Regular rehearsals and dedicated practice has resulted in many excellent and almost flawless workings, with most of the members participating at some stage or other.

In summary, Witwatersrand Lodge is an energetic, active and varied group of men who epitomise the broad nature and diversity of Freemasonry and work together in harmony.